Len Malinin, Ph.D.

Senior Principal

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Dr. Malinin has managed dozens of innovation projects for Fortune 500 companies including Pratt & Whitney and Alcoa. His expertise in the areas of technology assessment and forecasting has been instrumental to his contributions to the development of GEN3's proprietary methodology tools.

Prior to GEN3, Dr. Malinin's work led to the development of a new company in the Medical Technology field, as well as numerous funded products. Dr. Malinin led a personal health monitoring technology from proof-of-principal prototype to production. Earlier in his career, he developed patented data processing algorithms, worked for an MIT consulting spin-off, and published a monograph on rotor vibration control.

Dr. Malinin is the author of more than nine patents and has written dozens of scientific and engineering articles.


Dr. Malinin has a Ph.D. in Machine Dynamics and a M.S. in Mechanics and Control Processes, both from the Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg Russia.