How We Work

Dedicated Project Teams

GEN3 delivers innovation services through dedicated teams of professional innovators, composed primarily of scientists and engineers (60 percent of GEN3 employees are PhD's).

Team Structure

Typically, each team is managed by a Principal who oversees the work of a team of innovators. Depending on the needs of the project, the team will be composed of innovation experts, researchers, information specialists, IP specialists, and/or designers.

Tapping our Network

During the course of a project, we have the ability to seamlessly expand and contract the make-up of the team by tapping the resources of our privately managed Global Knowledge Network of subject matter experts. As the discovery process unfolds and capability needs are understood, the team will consult with experts from our network on an as needed basis. The nature of the interaction will vary by project, but could include technical consultation, theoretical advice, or numerical and/or physical experiments. On each project, the GEN3 team – not the experts from our network – is responsible for developing solutions to meet the goals of the project.

All work is carried out on a confidential basis. This confidentiality is possible because our functional approach enables us to work with our experts in general terms without revealing the specific applications, products, or names of our clients.

IP Ownership

It is not uncommon for the client to file for patents on ideas generated by the GEN3 team. In this case, our teams can help to prepare the technical documentation and may serve as technical advisors to the client's legal team to ensure the ideas are properly understood and interpreted for purposes of the patent application. We sometimes also suggest language to help strengthen the application. [GEN3 Partners does not provide legal counsel of any kind.]

On every GEN3 project, the client owns any IP that may result from the work. If patent applications are submitted, GEN3 scientists may be the authors of the patent, but the client will be the assignee.


Ongoing and open communication is a critically important requirement for the success of most engagements. At the outset of each project, GEN3 and the client will agree on a set of formal communication protocols and schedule in order to ensure that information is exchanged efficiently and in a timely manner.

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