How We Work

New Ventures

GEN3 brings cross-disciplinary management and technical innovation expertise to monetize new opportunities that arise from breakthrough technology development.

The innovations that companies invest in often hold more potential than the company is able to capitalize on. In many instances, the innovation might deliver a greater return on investment if it's cultivated into a spin-off. But launching a new venture can be especially challenging when internal resources are not available to explore adjacent markets or support an entirely new enterprise.

We help clients maximize on R&D investments by developing and managing new ventures that bring to market the promising conceptual designs generated through our breakthrough innovation services.

End-to-End Resources

GEN3's corporate entrepreneurship team is comprised of both C-level managers and technical experts. The management members drive the business strategy and the technical experts manage all functions of R&D. GEN3's team includes clients in the decision-making process throughout every step of the way. By not having to stretch internal resources, however, clients are able to benefit from new venture profits while keeping their focus on existing corporate objectives.

How We Do It

At the start of a new venture development initiative, a thorough evaluation of market potential and technical feasibility, as well as business model and structural compatibility assessments are conducted. Once a promising business strategy is established, teams leverage the reach of GEN3's private Global Knowledge Network of over 8,000 scientists, engineers and subject matter experts, in combination with GEN3's innovation methodology tools and laboratories, to identify and remove business plan bottlenecks and substantiate technology platforms.

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