How We Work

Workshops, Seminars and Mentorship

GEN3 has developed and deployed programs to teach its systematic process for innovation to thousands of scientists and engineers at world leading organizations such as GE, Intel, Siemens and Wrigley.

GEN3 offers a curriculum of innovation workshops and seminars to help build and enhance internal innovation capabilities. The courses are focused on teaching the fundamentals of GEN3's proprietary innovation methodology, also referred to as GEN3 TRIZ. These programs are proven to have a profound impact on complex product, packaging and process challenges.

Real Impact

Instructors ensure the highest level of learning and impact by delivering workshops through a combination of informal lectures and hands-on exercises that focus on real innovation problems brought in by participants. This teaching approach consistently leads both individuals and project groups to breakthrough conceptual solutions.

GEN3's curriculum of workshops and seminars can be integrated with an organization's pre-existing in-house methodology such as Lean, Six Sigma, DFSS, and others. Workshop and seminar lectures are accompanied by a library of training tools including manuals, an electronic template for hands-on exercises, a glossary of terms, and workbooks. Upon completion of a workshop or seminar, GEN3 instructors remain in contact with the clients' organization and are available for ongoing support and mentorship.

Participants in the Basic Workshop through the Level 3 Workshop are eligible for certification by the International TRIZ Association, Levels 1 through 3.

GEN3 Workshops, Seminars and Mentorship: Descriptions


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It’s fascinating to find an organized method for stretching your thought process in directions you never considered before.

Their instructors' knowledge level is outstanding. They were always able to clarify, provide additional examples, explain via a different path, and never once stumped on a question.

Participants were able to immediately get results to the problems they brought to the training.