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GEN3 Workshops, Seminars and Mentorship: Descriptions

Awareness Seminar

The objective of this seminar is to create awareness that innovation can, and should be a systematic and predictable process. GEN3 experts provide an overview of GEN3 TRIZ, introduce the fundamental tools and illustrate how these tools can be used for different applications.

Topics Covered:

  • What is innovation? What is disruptive innovation? What is systematic innovation?
  • How to link growth, business objectives, and innovation
  • Introduction to Main Parameters of Value (MPVs)
  • Innovation road-mapping
  • Overview of fundamental tools for Problem Identification and Problem Solving (Function Analysis, Trimming, Function-Oriented Search, Resolving Contradictions, Trends of Engineering System Evolution)
  • Using GEN3 TRIZ for different applications (Example: IP Strategy)

Delivery format: Lecture

Duration: Half day

Pre-requisite: None

Maximum # of participants: 50

Basic Workshop

The Basic Workshop provides participants with skills that can be applied to improve functionality and/or reduce cost for products and devices. This course is focused on fundamental Problem Identification and Problem Solving tools.

Topics Covered:

  • Function Analysis for Products
  • Cause-Effect Chain Analysis
  • Trimming for Products
  • Engineering Contradictions and Inventive Principles
  • Physical Contradictions and Algorithm for Resolving Physical Contradictions
  • Introduction to IP Strategies

Delivery format: Lectures and hands-on exercises on real innovation problems that client teams bring to the course

Duration: 3 - 4 days

Pre-requisite: None

Maximum # of participants: 20-25

Advanced Workshop

The Advanced Workshop builds on the Basic Workshop and focuses on the advanced tools for Problem Identification and Problem Solving. Participants will have knowledge not only about the various methodology tools, but also learn how to use these tools to optimize and maximize the innovation process.

Topics Covered:

  • Applied Trends of Engineering System Evolution, their mechanisms and algorithms
  • Substance-Field Modeling
  • 76 Standard Inventive Solutions
  • Introduction to ARIZ (Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving)

Delivery format: Lectures and hands-on exercises on real innovation problems that client teams bring to the course

Duration: 5 days

Pre-requisite: Basic Workshop

Maximum # of participants: 20-25

Level 3 Workshop

The Level 3 Workshop provides the groundwork and skills that participants must master to manage and solve complex, real-world innovation problems. This course focuses on principles that fundamentally underlie GEN3 TRIZ innovation tools as well as tools for problem solving and idea substantiation. Participants learn to use tools specifically designed for process improvement. The graduates of the Professional Course become internal experts and champions in this approach to innovation.

Topics Covered:

  • Function Analysis and Trimming for Processes
  • Flow Analysis
  • Feature Transfer
  • Trends of Engineering System Evolution
  • Technology Forecasting
  • IP Strategies
  • Clone Problems
  • Super-Effect Analysis
  • Failure Anticipation Analysis
  • Development of Creative Imagination
  • GEN3 TRIZ as a tool for Six Sigma, DFSS, QFD, and Lean
  • History of GEN3 TRIZ
  • Train-the-Trainer

Delivery format: Lectures and hands-on exercises on real innovation problems that client teams bring to the course

Duration: Three weeks (spread over a 3 month period)

Pre-requisite: Basic and Advanced Workshop

Maximum # of participants: 20-25

Targeted Innovation Workshop

The goal of the Targeted Innovation Workshop is to identify the right system to innovate, the right parameters to innovate against, the right goals and limitations of the innovation effort and the best road map for the development effort. Targeted innovation is needed in order to greatly improve the precision and effectiveness of allocating limited R&D budgets and resources toward an innovation effort and to substantially reduce development, market, and deployment risks. This workshop aims to objectively identify technology targets for a coordinated innovation effort that has the greatest room for improvement and the highest market potential.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to GEN3's systematic innovation methodology, GEN3 TRIZ
  • Innovation Portfolio Analysis
  • Main Parameters of Value (MPVs)
  • Discovery of latent MPVs through Voice of the Product (VOP)
  • S-Curve Analysis
  • Types of Innovation Strategies: Breakthrough and sustaining innovation strategies
  • Overview of selected tools for product and process innovation
  • Selected applications
  • GEN3 TRIZ Forecasting
  • GEN3 TRIZ IP Strategies

Delivery format: Lectures and hands-on exercises on real innovation problems that client teams bring to the course.

Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisite: None

Maximum # of participants: 30

Special Topic Seminars

GEN3 offers Special Topic Seminars for in-depth exploration of specific areas of interest and need. For example:

  • Strategic Planning Seminar
  • Function Analysis & Trimming for Processes
  • IP Strategies [Prerequisite: Basic Workshop]
  • Development of Creative Imagination
  • ARIZ [Prerequisite: Basic & Advanced Workshops]
  • Nuances of GEN3 TRIZ: Super-Effect Analysis, Clone Problems, Failure Anticipation Analysis [Prerequisite: Basic & Advanced Workshops]
  • MATRIZ Level 3 certification project [Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced Workshops]

These special topic seminars are typically 1 to 2 days in duration, but the timing of each seminar and pre-requisite requirements will vary by seminar topic.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is designed to support a high-performance culture for systematic innovation within the client firm by reinforcing GEN3 TRIZ. The program helps client teams integrate GEN3 TRIZ into actual projects by providing guidance, practical advice, expertise, experience and knowledge. The program works through a multi-point interaction process (on-site visits, phone, e-mail, and/or WebEx) between the GEN3 mentor and the client's team(s) and involves facilitation of innovation efforts and the evaluation of results. GEN3 mentors are involved at all stages of the project execution and typically provide the following services:

  • Facilitate team meetings
  • Provide informed insights into methodology
  • Answer questions related to the application of GEN3 TRIZ tools
  • Resolve methodological issues
  • Help with problem resolution
  • Correct errors in the application of GEN3 TRIZ tools
  • Provide conduit to other GEN3 resources
  • Suggest appropriate Special Topic seminars to fill-in knowledge gaps

Delivery Format

  • On-site mentorship/facilitation (typically 3 - 6 days per month, 2 consecutive days minimum)
  • Off-site mentorship (phone/e-mail/WebEx)

Prerequisite: Basic Workshop

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It’s fascinating to find an organized method for stretching your thought process in directions you never considered before.

Their instructors' knowledge level is outstanding. They were always able to clarify, provide additional examples, explain via a different path, and never once stumped on a question.

Participants were able to immediately get results to the problems they brought to the training.