Global Knowledge

Deploying global knowledge to support breakthrough innovation

The speed of technological advancement and the multi-disciplinary requirements of many new innovations require the corporate R&D center to extend its reach beyond traditional boundaries in order to remain competitive. A primary means for keeping pace has been the ability to capture and leverage global knowledge to accelerate innovation programs and increase the impact of innovative ideas.

However, the challenge to R&D leaders remains how to secure this knowledge in a cost effective and timely manner, without "boiling the ocean".

GEN3 Partners brings to the innovation space a unique model for leveraging global knowledge. Our approach combines the discipline of our methodologyto guide search efforts efficiently – with the breadth of our Global Knowledge Network of subject matter experts – to tap into knowledge domains far beyond those of our clients.

This approach enables our clients to more readily navigate and exploit the rich potential offered by a world full of technical knowledge.

Three Key Principles for Tapping Global Knowledge

  1. Define what you're looking for – Without a laser-focused understanding of the problem we are trying to solve, any external search is likely to be compromised and costly. GEN3 offers exceptional tools and experience to help precisely define the underlying physical problems that need to be solved.
  2. Be efficient in where to look – By modeling the client's system in functional terms, GEN3 translates the specifics of the client's system into a language that becomes the roadmap for efficiently navigating external knowledge domains.
  3. Maintain confidentiality – Because we do not rely on open Web-based searches, our approach allows for strict confidentiality – a valuable resource for maintaining IP ownership and securing competitive advantage.

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