Our Approach

At the heart of GEN3's innovation expertise lies a deliberate and rigorous methodology. For over 20 years, our innovation experts have continued to enhance and adapt the methodology to respond to the changing needs of the market. GEN3's methodology is a framework comprised of a collection of analytical and problem-solving tools.

Key Principles

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Understand Main Parameters of Value

We define innovation as a significant improvement in at least one Main Parameter of Value (MPV) – those factors that drive customer purchasing decisions. GEN3 is uniquely adept at uncovering MPV's and translating them to underlying technical parameters that become the focus of innovation efforts. Maintaining this alignment with MPV's helps to ensure that technical innovation programs will yield economic value.
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Consider Technology Evolution

We believe that products and technologies evolve according to evolutionary trends that are objective and predictable. Markets and technologies are dynamic; therefore, innovation programs cannot be static. Understanding where a technology is on its S-curve is critical to determining the type of innovation that will yield the best results. Moreover, anticipating how technologies will evolve helps to guide innovation directions that are forward looking.
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Focus on Functions

At the foundation of our methodology is a functional approach. By modeling a product or process in functional terms and then developing a superior functional architecture, our unique functional lens reveals powerful insights critical to delivering innovation solutions. Our functional approach to problem definition also provides a roadmap for effectively tapping into knowledge domains that may lie far beyond a client's area of expertise.
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Address Key Problems

One of the cornerstones of our methodology is determining the right problem to be solved, which often may not be the initially stated problem.
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Adapt Existing Solutions, Don't Always Invent

We use our functional approach to guide Function-Oriented Search, a structured means to identify technologies in potentially distant industries or areas of science and engineering that have functionally similar challenges. With this approach, GEN3 is able to change the client's challenge from one of invention to one of adaptation.
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Woven into GEN3's methodology are strong links to TRIZ, a scientifically based and empirically derived approach for solving engineering problems at the level of powerful innovative concepts and inventions. GEN3 scientists and engineers have incorporated the fundamentals of TRIZ into its innovation methodology, which is continually refined to best meet the needs of an evolving marketplace. TRIZ